Protect your ducts after cleaning with a specially developed water-based seal.


Why apply RZ-Ecoseal?

RZ Ecoseal is a patented solution to make the grease extraction system leaking and odor-proof and at the same time non-flammable.

In collaboration with RZ-Ecoseal, BDC-Group (official partner) offers the unique possibility of sealing your grease ducts after cleaning it. This also makes it possible to carry out the subsequent cleaning faster and easier and this prevents the fires from starting.

What is RZ-Ecoseal?

  • A specially developed water-based seal.
  • Non-flammable (heat shield).
  • Elastic, water and oil resistant.
  • Acid and alkaline resistant.
  • Adheres to hard fat.
  • UV resistant.
  • Can be applied in places with high humidity.
  • Closes leaking holes (± 4.5 mm).

After the system has been cleaned and RZ-Ecoseal has been applied

  • The system is non-flammable and watertight.
  • Contaminates the system considerably less quickly (constant temperature in the system).
  • Leak and odor-proof.
  • Easy and quick to clean with soap and water.
  • Your company will be closed for a shorter period due to reduced cleaning time.
  • By being able to clean it properly now, the fire hazard is prevented.
  • Repairs and repairs bad systems.